STAUFF Hire offers an extensive specialist range of equipment for hire.
Suitable for contractors and service providers for the hydraulic and lubrication industry, we provide hire equipment suitable for pipework installations, filtration of oil systems and diagnostic measurement of hydraulic equipment.
STAUFF Hire offers daily, weekly and long term hire options including purchase options at end of hire period.

Featured Products

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STAUFF Hire has an extensive range of tube end forming machines for mechanical pipework installations. Flaring, Preassembly, and Deburring machines - automatic and manually operated. Available for immediate hire, they will make your project pipework installations more effective and efficient.

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STAUFF Hire offers a range of filtration products for cleaning hydraulic and lubrication oil systems. Removing large amounts of dirt, water and oxidation products (varnish), is made easy using portable filter carts, offline filters with heaters, and other specialised filtration products. These are available for cleaning oil system reservoirs of all types and sizes.

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STAUFF Hire presents a range of portable diagnostic equipment for measurement and datalogging of Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Pressure drop, Speed, Particle count, and other system parameters available for hire. Hydraulic service is now made easy with the availability of equipment anytime for breakdown, repairs and ongoing preventative maintenance.